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How do I get art to you?

Good question,  getting art is an important part of any screen print job.  Most folks will email us the art.  We can take art in almost any format.  .jpg, .tiff, .cdr, .ai, .png, .pdf and even a word form.

Ideally, the art would be high resolution, color separated, and in a vector format, such as an ai file.

If your art is not high resolution, it will not print well.  High resolution is usually 300 dpi or better.  A quick way to check is print your art on your printer at the correct size, if it comes out looking poor with lots of dots, etc. it will not print well.

low resolution versus high resolution

We do offer a service of converting low resolution to high resolution.  This is $40.00 and does an excellent job.

You can email the art to us at