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Screen Printing in Raleigh

raleigh screen printer
We are a small Raleigh based screen printer. We market ourselves primarily by word of mouth. Customers see our signage on Gresham Lake Road an come in to order. They like us for a number of reasons.

1. Our prices are very fair.
2. Our staff is extremely helpful. Our production manager will help you get going in the right direction, our graphic artists will help you get the right design or logo, and our screen printers make sure your product looks great.
3. We have many years of experience. We can troubleshoot problems before they happen. We can offer suggestions on ways to save money and have a better overall experience.
4. Our turnaround is quick. Usually a week, if you are in a bind we can do our best to help out with rush orders.

All of our work is done with manual presses. We have quite a few, and we have back ups of everything we own. This makes sure there is an eyeball on each and every shirt we do. We can make sure they look and feel great.

Our customers come from all walks of life, landscapers, schools, professionals, sports team, business owners, people just having a party.

We take pride in the number of customers who start off with smaller orders. Such as 6 to 10 shirts, and come back time after time with re-orders. That tells us a couple of things. 1. They like our product and service. 2. They are having success, and see t-shirts as a good business decision. Either as a marketing took, or as a way to keep their staff looking sharp and professional.

We do all of our own graphic art work, and do all of our dark room work right here on our site.

If you are looking for a fair, nice, professional group of screen printers, we hope you will come here.