Screen Printed T-shirts

Screen Printing Equipment
We at Raleigh Shirt printer have
1 large 6 color six station micro registration press
1 large 4 color 4 station micro registration press
5 1 color single station presses

6 dryers to cure your inks and make sure they stay on your shirt.

We have an Operations Manager who is responsible for getting orders into the system, getting product ordered, and making sure we meet your deadline.

We have a Production Manager who is responsible for making sure all art is in great printable format, and set up for the printers.

We have a dedicated Graphic Art department to help you in all ways. Our Graphic Artists can create designs, edit designs and are in charge of making sure that what you want will print well.

We have screen printers with years and years of experience. These guys know what they are doing, and can help troubleshoot any problems.

Our packing department is in charge of the final inspection of your product, so it is right when you get it.

Screen printing is a process of curing ink to a product. We use the finest emulsions, and best products to ensure a quality product time after time. We print your art work on a photo proof, burn it onto the screen, blow out the screen and print.

Our pricing is as low as we can get it and still stay profitable. Our goal is to provide a great product, great service at a profit. (We want to be in business next year for your re-order)