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Are you looking for a screen printer in Raleigh? We hope to be that company for you. Raleigh Shirt Printer has been in business for 18 years and has thousands of clients. Yet, we do everything we can to make every customer feel like they are our only customer.

We often get asked “What exactly is the screen printing process?” Good question.

Screen printing is the process of taking a your graphic, and turning it into a screen printed piece.
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Screen printing is very interesting and has many steps, and each step has to be done correctly to get a great result. Multiple coats of emulsion are put on both sides of a screen. Emulsion is a photosensitive material that must stay in a dark room. The screen is allowd to dry in a dark environment. We use yellow light to keep it from developing. Then a black transparency (positive) is printed in the dark room. This positive is placed on the screen. The screen is then burned in an exposure unit. This cures the area around the image. Then the screen is sprayed with water to remove the emulsion in the non-exposed portion. This leaves the area that ink can go through. The screen has to dry again. Then it is taped and ink is put on it. A new screen is created for each color of a design. After the ink is put on the t-shirt, the t-shirt is run through an infra red dryer that cures the ink to the t-shirt so it will stay for a long time. When the project is finished the screen is cleaned. This is a chemical process and requires using a power washer. This is for each job.

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